Pomegranates in the Parking Lot by Samantha Emily Evans

Samantha Emily Evans is the Marketing and Publicity Assistant at Red Hen Press, bookseller at Flintridge Books, and person who writes at her desk.


Pomegranates in the Parking Lot
(or, Eating Alone on a Thursday)


Black eyed bean chili on my glasses,
Fingers stained, it is on me, in me.
Whole grain bun, cheese,
Mustard, pickles, a veggie patty.
‘Big O Chili Cheeseburger;
I smoosh my dinner
For an audience of commuters
Sat outside Orean’s The Health Express.

Other comrades smile at me,
The damzels in determination.

I do not eat alone,
Another full moon already
Faded in a still blue sky.
The palm trees lean in.

I do not eat alone,
Colonel Sanders sits across
And we talk about when
He was more than fried chicken.

I do not eat alone,
Dr. Claude Matar inc.
Promises me personal training for $29.95
And a new life after 50.

We can live forever these days,
Yet there is still no answer.

I do not eat alone,
The children in the McD’s Playplace answer the question
With their laughter.

I do not eat alone,
How many drivers
Have stopped for a moment
Tonight, a passing.

I do not eat alone,
You, reader, are here,
I am talking to you.

I tell you about this moment,
And you tell me to
Stop biting my nails,
And I do, before
Scratching the mustard from my skin,
Getting back in the car,
And continuing the answer.

You can read more of Samantha’s work at www.literarypixie.com.