View of the Sea & Leaving the House on December 27th by Andrew Blair

Andrew Blair is a writer and performer living in Musselburgh, with credits in Gutter, Valve, and Umbrellas of Edinburgh. Along with Ross McCleary, he has put on award-winning and five-star Edinburgh Fringe shows, and produces the Poetry as F*ck podcast. His debut collection, An Intense Young Man at an Open Mic Night, is out later this year through House of Three Press.


View of the Sea


Top deck,

Trundling along the coast;

Specked with light, the sea

Awaits. It

Makes me feel peaceful,

A pleasant melancholy,

Even though I do not know why.

The sea is of the same stuff

As seventy-one percent of the Earth’s surface.

This figure is rising.

The sea is coming for us all.

The water

Is going to win.


It makes me feel peaceful.

A pleasant melancholy.



Leaving the House on December 27th


This is not my house.
A short walk away
There’s a loch, and see
–A short walk away–
There’s another;

No one is fishing on them,
Rendering both lochs

This stillness, so enhanced
By hiss and rush,
This hiss and rush of water
And, in the distance, time;

I want to compliment it further, but
There is this system, playing
Catch up to win.
The ship comes in
That will take me home,
Back to my own house.

Andrew can be contacted via Twitter, @freelance_liar.