Submission Guidelines

The Ogilvie is currently accepting submissions for our FictionPoetry, and Insight sections.

While Fiction and Poetry are relatively self-explanatory, Insight is slightly more ambiguous. The submissions to this section range from reviews to creative nonfiction to personal essays to discussion pieces (sometimes labeled as Workshops).

Unless requested, our editorial team reviews submissions for grammatical oversights, misspellings, etc., and makes no permanent changes to the submission without authorial approval. Our mission, first and foremost, is to help our contributors showcase their work.

This means that the author maintains complete ownership of everything they submit. Furthermore, should an author for whatever reason no longer wish for their piece to be included in this creative review, we will remove it at their request. 

Please send all submissions to


As the scope of The Ogilvie is international, we do not place stylistic restrictions on our contributors. We accept both British and American grammar/spelling as long as the style is consistent throughout the piece.

There is no strict word limit on submissions to any section; we encourage authors to submit pieces of any length, as well as extracts from longer works.


We ask that, along with their submission, contributors send us a short biography to appear before their work. (See previously published submissions for ideas on content and formatting.) If desired, we can also include a brief description of the piece, ideally 2-3 sentences in length.

Finally, we strongly encourage authors to include a preferred form of contact with their submission so that we can direct our readers towards their other projects.

If you have any questions regarding submission guidelines, please email us at